Gutter repair

Repairs such as leaking gutter joints, misaligned gutters and brackets will be reported to you and if requested by you, can be carried out as soon as the cleaning of your gutters or roof is completed. This may be an economical solution that will save further expense. Call or email us with your details and we will book the repair in.

Gutter cleaning

We provide residential gutter cleaning services for most types of properties. This is the removal of all debris built up within your gutters, including leaves, moss and anything else which may be causing a blockage. This is all done by hand using ladders and brushes. We’ll also inspect and unblock any downpipes.

Roof repairs

So you’ve noticed a slate that has moved, or perhaps the rain has just started to drive underneath your tiles. Maybe your felt roof has a tear – whatever the issue, what seems like a small problem can soon escalate into a large one if not repaired promptly. It’s easy to put it off until another day, but dealing with it now can stop a lot of potential hassle and money later on. That’s where we come in. As soon as you spot a problem with your roof, however small, give us a call and we’ll come and assess it for you. Chances are it’s an easy fix, and we can deal with it cost-effectively.